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24 Link Drive
Rockleigh, NJ, 07647
United States

(201) 561-2616

Custom Organic Formulations and Private Label Cosmetics for Bath, Body and Home.

Manufacturing For Starter Brands



We offer entrepreneurs a unique and extremely affordable approach to developing and launching their ideas. Currently we are the only custom product development company which offers truly entry level options for starting brands, We have no minimums on product orders, and we develop every product from scratch giving each customer a truly unique product. We can also offer affordable private label packages.


Meaning you can develop your brand one bottle at a time, and invest your capital into other areas to grow your company more efficiently. All of our competitors require huge minimum purchase orders in the thousands of units which requires you to lay out tons of capital and thus increase your risk to loss exponentially.

Here at Karmic Nature we are taking a different approach. We have decided to shoulder some of the burden of development with our clients in order to bolster their odds of success. Thus increasing our odds for success as well.

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Our Process 

 Clean and Organic ingredients are the principal building blocks for all of our formulations.

Step 1: Initial Concept "design"

The Brainstorming begins, in the initial phase of any project we begin with developing a personal relationship. Finding out what makes our customer tick and turning their charisma and personality into the building blocks of their products. Blending the needs of their skin and personality or the demands of their clients is the art of formulations.

Step 2: Research & Research

This Phase will take our "concept design" and breathe the first signs of life into the product.  From sourcing the initial ingredients to discovering the limitations. The client dictates the dream. Its our job to make the ingredients, packaging, and budget come together to suit their needs and exceed their expectations.



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Working Samples to Production

The birth of a product.

Step 3: Working Samples  'Beta'

This is where the fun truly begins. We start to produce our first working samples. From here we can begin to refine our textures, colors, scents,containers,labels,ingredients list, appearance and all the fine lines that lay between.

Step 4: Production

Coordinating the entire project, with the proper machines, labels, bottles, sizes, dispensers, caps, marketing, logistics and a multitude of other deliverables come together to form a seamless successful product launch.