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Amazing Benefits Of Milk Thistle For Skin, Hair And Health


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Amazing Benefits Of Milk Thistle For Skin, Hair And Health

Jarett Quirk

More and more companies are being pushed to design healthier chemical free products that consumers use everyday to take care of their bodies. This is turning into what I like to call the edible apocalypse. Current thinking is if it's healthy enough to eat, then it's gotta be healthy enough to slather all over your body and leave in your hair. 

If only the Centennial body worked that way. The outer layer of your skin and all of your hair are dead cells. This layer is a tightly woven tear resistant fabric designed to keep everything out. I mean everything, Even minute microorganisms cannot penetrate this barrier and as skin care product formulators we are not supposed to even think about penetrating this layer. We are supposed to think about how to make the dead stuff look like new.

So with the demand to create newer, better, faster, stronger, healthier alternatives we are looking back to nature and raw ingredients to formulate our products. 

The newest ingredient research is on a supplement well know to the digestible market for its many documented health benefits, but very little is know about its topical returns. Here is what some of our research has shown.

Milk Thistle Benefits For Skin:

It is believed that the herb has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, demulcent and antioxidant properties that help in improving your skin’s condition. Experts recommend consulting a doctor before taking milk thistle supplements, as there isn’t strong evidence to prove the benefits of milk thistle. Here are a few ways that this magical herb could do wonders to your skin:

1. Helps Get Rid Of Pimples, Zits, Eczema And Acne:

Milk thistle has detoxifying properties. At the same time it is also known to help produce bile in the intestine to keep digestion and bowel movements normal. Both of them are important for good skin by getting rid of free radicals in the body.This ultimately helps get rid of pimple and related skin problems.

2. Radiant and Glowing Skin:

The anti-oxidant and detoxifying property of milk thistle is believed to be beneficial for the skin as it removes toxins from your body. Your liver and colon are cleansed by this wondrous herb, making it possible for your skin to look radiant and glowing.

3. Prevents Skin Flare-Ups:

One of the components of milk thistle is silymarin, which is believed to have healing powers. By increasing glutathione levels in your body, it prevents skin ailments like psoriasis and flare-ups. The deficiency of glutathione, a protein that has detoxifying properties, is said to be a cause of psoriasis. The glutathione content in milk thistle is known to improve the skin condition by detoxifying the body from within.

4. Hydrates And Softens Skin:

As mentioned earlier, milk thistle has demulcent properties. It is this property that helps in hydrating and softening the dry skin. This means it forms a layer over the mucus membrane, and thereby helps to keep the skin breathing, safe from external damage. Your skin will improve dramatically, become more smooth and supple with the intake of the wonderful milk thistle.

5. Makes The Skin Clean And Clear:

Milk thistle is known to be an effective blood purifier. It cleanses the blood, help in blood circulation and remove the toxins. It also cleanses the skin of the materials that cause blemishes, marks, etc. Having milk thistle regularly will help you to have a clearer skin.

6. Prevents Skin Cancer And Photo-Aging:

According to the studies conducted at the Cancer Center of the University of Colorado, silibinin, which is an extract of milk thistle, has the ability to repair or kill skin cells that have been affected by the exposure to the UVB radiation. It also protects the skin against the damaging effects of UVB radiation.

7. Delays Ageing:

Milk thistle keeps your skin glowing and radiant. Its ability to promote healthy cell growth also means that it will help delay aging to a certain extent.

There may not be any strong evidence that milk thistle benefits your skin. But, it has the properties that benefit the different parts of your body, such as the liver, kidney, colon, blood, etc. which in turn have fantastic effects on your skin. When your body is healthy from the inside, it shows on the outside as well, meaning that you will naturally have glowing and healthy skin all the times.

Milk Thistle Benefits For Hair:

Milk thistle and its extracts, particularly silymarin, are being studied extensively to find out how they can benefit our health. We already know that it can benefit your skin in many ways through the purification and encouragement of proper functioning of different organs in your body. This miraculous herb is said to have great benefits for hair as well.

Here are the ways in which milk thistle is believed to do wonders for your hair:

8. Strengthens And Protects Hair Follicles:

Hair loss and balding is a major problem among many people all over the world. Many hair loss remedies include milk thistle as it is believed that it can prevent hair loss when combined with other important ingredients. When used with other natural and herbal plants, it is known to be effective to strengthen and protect the hair follicles.

9. Prevents Hair Loss:

The plant’s ability to detoxify your body is also one of the reasons why milk thistle is often recommended as a remedy for hair loss. The fact is that a well-balanced and healthy body is believed to strengthen hair, hence preventing hair fall and loss of hair.