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DIY Anti Acne Face Mist


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DIY Anti Acne Face Mist

Jarett Quirk

Here's a simple formulation to hydrate your skin and fight acne all in one spritz. It involves 3 easily found ingredients and a travel size 1 oz spay bottle. (colored bottle made from PETE plastic is preferred but not essential)


  1. Distilled Water 1/2 oz
  2. Lavender Essential Oil  7-10 drops
  3. Hypochlorous Acid ( this is a agent found in swimming pools to kill bacteria it's also extremely proficient as a wound care treatment. 1/2 oz )
  4. 1 oz "PETE" plastic amber bottle, ( you can look at the bottom of any plastic container and the type of plastic used will be stamped on the bottom of the bottle. We recommend using PETE for this recipe as it will be the most stable container for this mixture)

Now Simply mix your 3 ingredients together in your bottle spritz away your acne and hydrate your skin. This formulation can be left to air dry "preferred method", or as a wipe away toner to remove built up dirt and oils.

If your not feeling inspired to make your own acne spritzer or you just don't have the time drop us a line and we would be happy to mix something up just for you!



Karmic Nature Team